Welcome to Limpopo the Musical

LIMPOPO THE MUSICAL, "the greatest show of our times" is a high energy musical show which tells the story of Limpopo province in words, music, dance (modern and traditional), poetry, humour and sign language.

It is a potpourri of music, dance and dramatic excellence, which all add up to the most exhilarating show to ever come out of Limpopo province.

It showcases the beauty of its people and its many wonders, opportunities, multi cultures, the outstanding hospitality of its lovely citizens. It is a world class entertainment masterpiece. With a cast and crew of about 30 people including a live band, the show is a moving experience.

Joe Maswanganyi - Member of Executive Committee (MEC) for Sports, Arts and Culture in Limpopo said: "We need many shows like this in Limpopo. It is the kind of quality entertainment that should be encouraged".