An Extract from the Show

This poem was extracted from one of the scenes in LIMPOPO THE MUSICAL.

LIMPOPO, My beautiful land!
Broad, boundless and beautiful!
The land of myths, legends, beautiful scenery,
Breathtaking landscape and majestic baobab trees.

The land of the Golden Rhino!
Rain Queen Modjadji and Kruger National Park!
The largest national park in Umzanzi.

Oh , Kruger National Park!
A vast wilderness area, which stretches from the
Limpopo river in the North
To the Crocodile River in the South.
A home to the Big Five!
Hee,a sanctuary to 147 species of mammals,505 bird,
116reptile, 49 fish and 34 amphibian species within
Its 16 different ecosystems.
LIMPOPO , my beautiful land !

The land of Modjadji the Rain Queen!
A direct descendant of the one mighty!
Kingdom of Monomotapa!
Rain Queen Modjadji, who after 3 centuries in the area,
Is still surrounded by legend and mystery.
The area, a meeting place of the vibrant and diverse cultures of the
Vha Venda, Shangaan, Pedi, the Afrikaner, the English and Lobedu,
Who to this day live under the time -honoured leadership of Local Chiefs.

New cultural groups, who gradually moved in the Soutpansberg and
the history of the Vha Venda and Shangaan because intertwined with
that of the Voortrekkers to create a wonderful tapestry. Immensely
proud of their land, Limpopo's locals are eager to share it with strangers.

Halala, halala! Friendly Residents of Limpopo, halala!

The show is Written and Directed by Abel Kunutu
Produced by Oscar Phasha
A Phash'Comm Media Entertainment production